#1. 101 in photography

“ it’s not the camera , it’s the photographer”

you can make a good photograph using your phone camera or any kind of camera you got right now , you don’t need to spend money on some fancy equipments , don’t give up just cause you don’t have a decent camera , be happy of what you got , don’t spend money until you take the advantage of what you got between your hands . 

good photograph is the one that makes you feel satisfied and pleased when you look at it , in order to reach your goal and make a good photograph you need to feel/understand the ‘ light ‘ and choose ‘ the right moment ‘ also take ‘ the right angle ‘ , and when i say ‘ the right ‘ that gives you a whole new range of different tastes .

to make a good photograph you need to understand what’s going on in your camera .

any camera you got now whether it was your phone camera,film camera,digital camera…etc , they all depend on 3 main things :


  • shutter speed
  • aperture priority
  • iso sensitivity 

 also you got other things you need to consider in your camera such as the white balance,metering,focus points and system , exposure compensation … etc .

i’ll be explaining each one of those things later on , and i’ll try to cover every thing that comes to cameras and photography from A to Z till you reach your goal and make the photographs you’ve always wanted. i want you to depend on your self not on your camera and later you’ll be able to go with FULLY MANUAL and stop using the ‘ auto ‘ , hope that you’ll be doing this later and later on .


stay tuned  „,



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